My Approach

You're only going to find unsolicited, straight facts and hard truths here, Sister. The good news is that I'm not your mother-in-law, so it might be a little easier to swallow.  I may not be able to give you all the answers, but it's always nice to know you're not alone in this game called LIFE.

My Story

I've spent my fair share of time picking up socks, pinching pennies, pushing down the toilet seat, schlepping around town, juggling jobs and relationships, wondering if these pants make my butt look big, crossing items off the to-do list, and day dreaming about what-ifs. One day I just decided there was no time like the present and jumped into writing....

Meet my Team

Enough about me. These are my people; the ones who fill my heart.



Husband Extraordinaire

Second time was the charm. Fixer of all the things with the patience of Job.

image1 (3)


Small Child

He's not so small anymore and I'm basically killing his life on the daily.

image1 (2)


The Favorite of the Bunch

Bed hog, treat muncher, shedder of all the hair, AKA The Golden Shadow.